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TL;DR: I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me. Papa... Paparazzi!

Originally Written: 19-Nov-2022

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In 2013, something spectacular happened.

One of the most meteoric rises of an individual in modern history to a platform of incredible magnitude had faltered.

Stopped, even. If I may say.

Plunged, according to some.

Betrayed by many, one cannot deny the power of voice that is Lady Gaga as one that resonates with many.

For what Gaga has always sought to do was spread love in this world.

That has always been her base intent.

At least in my eyes.

This is why I held onto her dearly, through criticism and fire, while her highest of hopes yet, ARTPOP, would go on to burn.

Fail, at least according to the market.

The market is testy, fickle, and abusive.

Unfortunately for Gaga, it was her turn to become a spectacle for the world to watch as she reeled from the experience.

This world is addicted to the spectacle.


This is why many, like myself, have been pulled from our best intentions of thought at times and gone horribly astray.

For when we carve out the paths we hold for ourselves as true in our minds, what we create is a fantasy.

This fantasy, if left untested, will never crumble.

But if and when it does, crumble is an understatement.

So, too, was this for me in my efforts to feel validated as a person just trying their best to get through this world alive.

But therein lies the trick, honey.

One cannot make it through life and come out unscathed in thought.

It just isn't possible.

If you are to ever achieve anything you want for yourself, you must leave the comfort zone that is your head and try.

In fact, try is all we are ever doing.


When people try, they are putting themselves out there: past their threshold of knowledge.

The threshold of knowledge is the point at which we have run out of facts and must start guessing, inferring even.

When we do this, we leave our fate up to chance and give space for the universe to decide what will happen next.

What happens from there may surprise you.

Sometimes you might win.

Sometimes you might lose. Or better, learn.

What we learn from each victory becomes impressed upon our thoughts and minds as something that has worked for us.

What has worked for us, time and again, through repeated practice, becomes a habit we strive to uphold.

The habits we strive to maintain most become what we describe as our routine.

Your routine is the context through which the rest of your desires are achieved and enjoyed.

It is how we self-actualize our best intentions, really.

But when those intentions become misguided, then what happens to our routine may come as a surprise.

It shifts in ways so as to permit the continued expression of whatever it is we are seeking.

When what we choose to seek is validation from others, we become plastic.


And that's what this world is trying to make us all into: plastic.

Not the world, mind you, just the cruel and heartless living in it.

But to that end, it is possible to recycle such thoughts in manners positive.

Take that trash and turn it into treasure, so to speak.

But don't get me wrong, you're still trash.

Just kidding.

In fact, you may just be way more than that.

For, if in fact, you made it this far, then congrats.

For you have won, from me at least, the love and praise you deserve as yours.

To even spend a minute listening to the thoughts of another person is to cultivate empathy for the world around you.

If you bothered to hear my thoughts as something relevant in this world to you.

If you recognize the words I am putting out as reminiscent of a part of you.

Then you are doing the work and, in my opinion, and you are worthy.

Worthy of the love it is you are withholding from yourself as a person deserving nothing but the best.

For you are already a winner in my book if you even bothered to get this far.

Now go get 'em Tiger.