Context is...
A Hula Hoop


TL;DR: Did I mention we're in a circle here?


What is it that causes us to feel different when we arrive home from time away versus after a drive?

We move in three dimensional space on the physical plane as we walk down a line called 'time'.

The fourth dimension is understood to be that which we are constrained within while our choices are what pull us in different directions within the fifth dimension.

If where we walk is on a limbo stick called time, then context, the fifth dimension is a possibility curve within each of life's frame rates as we we walk down it.

What pulls us in a different direction within this possibility curve, again, are choices.

Choices make us different.

Different, not only from each other, but different than what would be the surest and most likely.

Differing to something unexpected is to make a choice that aligns with a different direction.

In order to change direction, one must have a reason to do so.

Humans have embarked on the greatest of voyages across the earth, space, sky, sea, and mind.

When we make the choice to embark, when it feels freeing enough, we are being pulled.

If fear is what pushes us off the docks of our comfort zone, then our values are what pull us into self-determination.

In psychology, self-determination is an important concept that refers to each person's ability to make choices and manage their own life. This ability plays an important role in psychological health and well-being. Self-determination allows people to feel that they have control over their choices and lives.

Without choice, humans are left as victims to the cause of their own being.

So when we are given a choice to express ourselves and we opt not to, remember that that, too, is a choice.

Sure, you may not get it right the first time. Or the third time.

Or the sixth time.

But you will be commended for trying.

You will be recognized for your efforts.

Maybe not by the people you expect, but from the people of you they need.

After all, the goal is to help people, right?

When we are selective to the kinds of people we help, we exclude others from the cause.

Not only that, we discriminate on a basis that attempts to hold a measuring stick to someone's worth.

A measure of worth determined by their output. Or, how much shit they're willing to tolerate.

What if we helped the people that actually needed the help?

What if the people needing help don't even recognize that to ask is even a choice?

A choice pulled by incongruent values to keep them safe, if not comfortable?

It's not about making better choices.

It's about determining better values.

When we value the 'right' thing in a moment as we step into a decision to take action, we produce favorable results. Our values need to be part of a personal philosophy constructed to be flexible in our approach to various situations in life.

If our goal is to learn how to hula hoop, then we must value failure as part of the cause of learning how to achieve our desired outcome. 

In science, we adjust the conditions in which an experiment is conducted in order to produce different results.

We as humans are much more complex than just a chemical reaction. 

In fact, we're billions of them.

What's one more to add to the pile of guess and check?

In fact, what's a billion more to lead us to?

I think I may just find out.