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My Only Fan


TL;DR: So extra, one cannot help but be basic.

  • Originally Written: 12-Nov-2021

  • Word Count: 235

  • Read Time: 1 minutes


Dearest friends, fans, followers, and subscribers of old.

May I be cursed if I ever pursue the likings of an onlyfans.

Not that I'm not for sex positivity, mind you.

But fuck, must one be perched on a pedestal if they think their image is in the realm of exclusive.

Especially when a meager price wall shows us to be anything but the case.

Is it really the American Dream these days to become a sellout?

Or are we all that deluded in our own fantasies of grandeur and admiration?

What if there isn't really anything that admirable about us?

What if the only thing admirable about us was what there was to admire about us?

Is there nothing more caricaturing than trying to preserve oneself in a realm of flattery?

One where only those who fawn most for us are who are rewarded for their penance?

Rewarded with fleeting moments of what ought to otherwise be one's full attention.

But honey, we're on a cruise here.

Cruising for something and lost as to what to do when one has it.

For when one gets lost in the art of the find, they find themselves lost in their own minds.

Looking for what cannot come, for what external meaning we reach for and seek.

Is but a figment of the mind, visceral and fleeting in its wake.

Take a picture, it will last longer.

Appreciate yourself for a change.