Context is...
Having Courage


TL;DR: A sword has no strength unless the weilder that holds it has courage.


In just about every Legend of Zelda game, the main protagonist - Link - is anything but social.

However, despite being a selective mute, this individual pursues their endeavors like no other.


As a person who does what is needed over what they would prefer, and without complaining, they are a hero.


Because they get the job done and they don't feel the need to open their mouth to tell everyone about it.

They just are.

What makes anyone in the modern era even remotely unique is when they can come against the hardest of obstacles with a smile, hope even.

It's not that hard, at least, that's how it appears to the frustrated and forlorn.

But it takes real courage to continue to hope for the best out of a situation even if one has been burned before.

So long as one isn't doing the same thing the exact same way and hoping for different results.

What do I mean?

When you fail in the game of Zelda, you merely respawn and have an opportunity to reattempt your approach with tact.

That, too, is what is yielded in the coming day, hour, and minute - a second chance.

What video games have taught me about navigating arduous situations is that failure is a part of the process of becoming yourself. 

If you're being met with success after success, I promise you're in for a trap.

A trap of entitlement and expectation over what you think you deserve in this world and how you think others ought to view their situations because of your perspective.

But it takes perspective to see one's perspective as bitter, toxic even.

It takes context to see the angle we have approached our circumstances from so we may find ourselves walking within the ideas of a second chance for ourselves to overcome what is ahead.

From day to day, if nothing else, we persist.

Starting on something important today may not show results today, or tomorrow even.

It doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

What's worse? Working a long time to get what we wanted for ourselves or doing nothing to try to get close to our dreams and be forced to live a life where we chose to sleep on ourselves.

It is the truly entitled who stop at these moments and bemoan the experience of having to work for what they want. 

No shit.  

But what do you call a warrior, with sword in hand, who has never fought a day in their life?

A collector.