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A Circle


TL;DR: It just keeps going round n' round.

  • Originally Written: 05-Dec-2021

  • Word Count: 232

  • Read Time: 2 minutes

  • Read Score: 86.4 (6th Grade)


Going to Paris for the first time was life-making.

For when I went to Paris, I came to the realization that the things I looked at in my art history book were the very things I had the privilege of witnessing for myself in real life.

Immersed in the experience, I felt a surge of gratitude for everything it took just to get to that point.

I had actualized my intentions of getting to a place I never thought I'd ever see for myself.

It was breathtaking.

In fact, I found myself there while staring up at what Paris is most known for.

The Eiffel Tower is considered a lighthouse.

Lighthouses serve a purpose in that they help to guide ships lost in the night.

So, too, did I resolve to become a lighthouse myself.


Because someone out there is lost and, if I shine brightly enough, I can help them with my light.

What I wasn't aware of, was what it would take to find that light.

It took time.

It took years, even.

The work it took was exhausting. It drove me nearly insane.

I was insane.

In fact, I now know the very definition of sane: loving awareness.

For if you are anything but that, you are insane in my world.

Love is what we ought to feel at all times.

Love is what others are without when they face hard times.

Love is the answer, love and time.

Thank you Rahul.