Context is...


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  • Originally Written: 23-Sep-2021

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Definition: existing or occurring in the same period of time.

Acting in accordance with the current moment.

Being present.

When we get knocked astray and find ourselves ruminating over the past or worrying over the future, we are not present.

Working ahead in life within our minds is helpful, but it's not the point.

So, too, is reflection. At some point, one can only chew on the same piece of context for so long.

Therefore, the process of acquiring context must itself be the result.

The point is to be present.

Whatever knocks us astray needs its due evaluation in order for us to move forward or back into the current moment.

Whatever it takes to be in the moment is what we ought to focus on first.

Nothing else matters more than what can yield us content within our walk and step in this moment.