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A Plurality


TL;DR: There's no stopping the might of the storm. Just feel it as it comes and dance in it if you can. What else can one do but savor the moment?

  • Originally Written: 18-Sep-2022

  • Word Count: 327

  • Read Time: 2 minutes

  • Readability Score: 74 (7th Grade)


Matters of plurality are circumstantial to their cause.

Meaning, there's more meaning in that previous sentence than there ever was any meaning for why I bothered to begin the journeys I have undertaken.

Meaning, it matters not the outcome folks!

Mistakes are going to happen as a matter of statistics.

What one must be forced to reckon with at times, however, is when one falls in scope of what someone classifies within their biases as a person who is 'normal'.

Au contraire, she is anything but normal.

In fact, normal is merely a matter of the mind we cling to in order to feel like we are appeasing something greater than ourselves.

What isn't normal is speaking against such matters trivial and fighting the odds just enough to say one managed to make it through the day unscathed.

At least, it seems.

But what about the scars we sunder into one another through winds of change and the howling of our feedback as right.

Is it right?

Or is it just right enough for us to say it's a problem for us to solve?

Problems cannot be solved by those not willing to solve them.

Even moreso, obstacles cannot be overcome by those not willing to face them.

Perhaps what I'm getting at here is that there is a certain knowing to doing.

Something found in getting out there and exploring the world as you know it with the ideas you hold to be true and testing them through time.

If knowledge is the accumulation of facts, as one would house books in a library, then wisdom is the understandings that come from testing theories.

When we have applied ourselves to what we know to be true and run out of facts, that is where we have to start guessing.

Guessing is okay.

Guessing is how we got here in the first place, really.

Guess we'll never know until we know.

Have a good day everyone.