Context is...
A Garden


TL;DR: I never really liked pulling weeds, but I do like me some daisies.


There is meaning to the statement "everything is coming up daisies."

There is also meaning to the statement "pushing up daisies."

I find, in life, we are doing one or the either in the context to how we view a moment.

Something can either by feeding our experience of what we call life or it could be the cause of us languishing in our negativity. 

I suppose what I am trying to say is that the comparing mind is strong.

I often feel to do two of anything is to invite this thinking error to come in and greet us.

To compare is to find the lesser of two or more objects.

To compare is to make an object out of an experience, person, or feeling.

What if it just is what it is?

Sure, there are similarities between one thing and another, even if it's just that they are both composed of atoms.

What if what you're looking at are simply two flowers sprouting in the garden of your mind?

But trying to put a scale to a particular feeling or something as abstract as a human is to attempt to oversimplify what is being put up for measure.

This measuring act is all a mental mind game we play as we seek to determine the meaning of our experiences and whether they truly had a positive or negative impact on our lives.

All the while, we negate the perception that to do this measuring act is a sheer artifice to the cause.

What cause?

The cause of living our best lives, maybe.

I'm not sure what others dwell upon in their moments of recourse, but that is where my mind goes when I cannot distinguish the weeds for the roses.

What I'm trying to say here is that not everything needs to be measured.

Not everything needs to be validated or compared against a standard.

True creativity comes with sowing seeds with feeling in a garden box framed by logic.

If the seeds are the ideas that come to mind when we say we have one and the garden box is the space we feel we can express ourselves within, then the soil is what permits those ideas to sprout when given enough care.

An idea needs to be revisited and tended to, much like a seedling if it is to make it past the surface of the soil and reach for the sun's light.

We do not over water our plants and, so too, must we not over water our ideas.  

Sometimes it's good to just let them sit and watch them grow.

While other times we must intervene and trim some branches, so too must we also fend off the weeds that act as saboteurs to our best intentions.

Weeds are what percolate in all of our minds, whether we realize it or not.

Tending is what we must do if we are to be able to see the beauty in our minds like one would a manicured garden.

In order for life to come up daisies, this work must be constant.

Constant, but not egregious.

Too much change at once can kill a plant outright from the sheer stress.  

Worse, even, are the upheavals that occur when we've found ourselves choked by the weeds we've allowed to fester for so long.

But if the goal is to have a garden, if the goal is to give yourself something nice to look at, work is necessary.

For it was a choice in the first place to want the content of life we chose.

The context that comes with the content we seek is part of the work required to maintain it.

So in choosing this life, in choosing your choices, you choose what choices you have later on.

Choices are all we have to distinguish ourselves from what we perceive as the sure and likely.

Choices happen one at a time, one fork in the road after another.

Choices are what got us here and choices are what will get us there.

Perhaps not grand in scale now, but grand in meaning through time.

Meaning you can say you have when you are back on your knees pulling weeds.

For, as I said, this work is constant.

The only choice is to do it.

Not because we have to.

But because we get to.

And in fact, at one point, we chose to.

Maybe even wished to.