Context is...
A Conundrum


TL;DR: Couldn't tell you straight in the face what I'm talking about here.


As my boyfriend surreptitiously begs me to let him squeegee clean my to-do list, I sit here making a point completely unlike the innuendo I just implied.

*pauses for a moment to reflect in the sheer brilliance*

In pausing for a moment of true reflection, I find something innate. Nothing can be undone.

You see. 

My boyfriend wants this board to be cleaned and, out of sheer principle, I say no.

Plans once made are plans that cannot be undone.

But plans made for making plans means we'll be planning on getting laid never and planning instead to continue planning for the rest of our lives instead of actually living it.

Suffice to say. Perhaps viewing life just isn't as fresh as actually tasting it?

It's one thing to say something has gone on too far.

Perhaps it's another thing just grasping it.

Mind you. Gifts everlasting.