Context is...
A Meaning


TL;DR: Mean what you say and say what you mean.


The contexts you were raised in influences what your mind derives as meaningful to you.

They also influence what you find pleasurable, desirable even.

On the flip-side, they influence what you find distasteful and grotesque.

As far as finding meaning for oneself goes, no one will care about the context you come, but where you come from defines how you arrive to a situation.

We are all an assembly of atoms just experiencing themselves and, as we tunnel our way through our lives as rather coordinated masses of cells, the context we bring to a situation with others is what makes us unique from the words and facsimiles we are using.  

The context we come from and through is the How to the What when it comes to living our lives.

If living a life worth living is the what, then how you live it is up to you. 

It cannot be found under a microscope, nor validated in any kind of study as statistically significant.

Living a life with meaning, for me, means defining what has meaning for oneself and then taking actions to step into that vision, that form of being.

It is to envision, to create your own meaning, and then step into what feels like your best version of you.  

All the while, you thank your current and past selves for their services in battles fought before you. 

Recognize them for the knowledge and understandings they have imparted onto you.

However, that is only how I define an experience of living that is considered 'meaningful'.

Context is what creates meaning, even in the meaning of the word 'meaning'.

Why? Because meaning is derived from use.

Meaning .

Our language cannot be created in a vacuum by a single person because words get their meaning from an understanding between people.

In the context of my writing, where I refer to the word meaning, what I mean is what I say.


How you take the word meaning will be contextual to your experience, not mine.

No matter how hard I try, a one-way dialogue like this forces the reader to interpret my context as their own.


If you cannot comment and ask what I meant about a particular line, that leaves one to assume.

To derive meaning of their own to the words that lay before them.


I want you to apply what I say to your own experience rather than passively consume what I have to say.

If context is what creates meaning, then make your own meaning out of the word meaning.


Create the conditions through which context can arise for yourself through my work.

Over thinking for a second that your mental faculties are not capable enough to do it themselves.


We speak a language all our own outside the language you see before you.

Meaning must be experienced, not written, said, or recited.


What you are looking for is inside you.

There's just a lot of context between it and you.


It's there if you look for it.

We all have to start from somewhere.