Context is...
A Dream


TL;DR: Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. 

Originally Written: 08-Oct-2023


To row one's boat gently down the stream is to live life on a pace and flow in accordance with a dimension we all sit in called time.

In my mind's eye, it is to achieve harmony with what we call the universe we all live in and call reality.

Above that, there exists something wild and crazy.

If time is a line, what time sits inside of is a line of lines of lines upon lines.

Oh, but did you know the places you could go?

That is, if one just goes?

To go is to go.

Is to go away from what you know.

Is to go away from home.

Leave the house of mind you own.

To a place far unknown.

That thing you want. 

Really, that thing you need.

Of all the things you see could be.

Is really just your destiny.

Calling to you.

Come be me.

But hard and fast.

Paced and true.

One will certainly come undone.


For if you force that which is.

All that is is what it is.

But if you depart away from shore.

Travel to places unknown and more.

Explore the thoughts in space and time.

Embrace them as those called mine.

You may just find, you're just in time.

In time to be right where you be.

To be that which you say you call me.

But me can only be me, if me is as you see.

For what you see is barely what to believe.

And what you believe, may just be a dream.

Oar in hand, this boat leaves it shore.

For it is now oft for something more.

To sleep is to die and to wake is to dream.

Dream of something more than it seems.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.

Life is but a dream.