Context is...
A Universe


TL;DR: 144-character summary.

Originally Written: 08-Feb-2023


When one considers the burden of not being able to play their favorite Pokemon music on Spotify and must resort to YouTube to acquiesce the need, they realize.

There are a lot of worlds out there.

Like. A lot.

What I mean to say is here is that there in fact exists a whole world with an entire set of ecosystems galore with paradigms of existence and laws of physics upholding them.

Even then, humanity knows very little there is to know about knowing anything at all.

We've damn near scratched the surface, I'll wager.

But if that is the whole of humanity, what must that mean for you my child?

So you scored high in school and excelled at what was put in front of you. Good job!

Did you know it takes work to bolster yourself up, affirm yourself, and lead your own way into tomorrow?

Did you know that no true leader doesn't know this to be true?

For what the true leader is is a hero in some folks eyes.  

Maybe even their own at times.

But, too, is the villain in mind that enraptures the outward hero.

To light a candle is to cast a shadow.

Your world is your world but, for now, you're in mine.

I'd like to show you what I've done with the place.

Step inside.