Context is...
A Roller Coaster


TL;DR: Buckle up, it's one hell of a ride!


Save your thoughts.

No, wait, don't.

Be your thoughts.

This is the lesson I am learning as I reach what has got to be the highest form of being I have ever occupied in my life to date.

Not just to date, to the very letter.

I feel my love for myself growing with each second.

Elated is what I feel.

Alive is what I feel.


What's up Maslow?

Holy hell is it high up hear.

I honestly don't know what else to do other than to appreciate the view.

Gilded is what my life is right now.

I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything.

Not even my worst moments.

For all of that is gone now anyway.

Let go, in fact.

It's not just time that heals a wound, it's attention.

Attention to where the problem is.

Attention to the cause, not the symptoms.

Attention to the person that deserved it when they didn't get it.

When things come up for us in life, it is almost always related to our past.

What I am saying is that your insecurities, fears, and issues stem from the root.

Put another way, when a plant refuses to flower, we change the conditions it grows in and not the plant itself.

When we feel inept, insufficient, unworthy to the cause, it's all just a ruse.

A clever distraction from the voices of your past telling you that you're not good enough.

But you are good enough.

You are more capable than you know, in fact.

The only way to find out is to lean into yourself for a change and see what happens.

There's only one life to live, why not live it?

In fact, why not make it the best life you could possibly live?

Where in fact, you can say this time "the life I lived was mine".

Wouldn't that be a trip.