Who I am:

  • A gay male in their 30th year of life living in the SF Bay Area.

  • Someone who cares about family and sustaining ties with others.

  • An obsessive perfectionist.

  • Somewhat hard on myself when I make mistakes.

  • A person who can sometimes dwell on shit.

What I am trying to do here:

  • Have a place to archive what I think has been helpful for me.

  • Share things I think would be useful for others to know.

  • Spread informal knowledge about metacognition and motivation.

  • Instill a sense of ownership over one’s key performance indicators.

  • Generate original content from contexts of life I care about.

What my credentials are:

  • College graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

  • Recipient of Master’s Degree in Business Management.

  • Diagnosed with OCD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD – and healed(ish)!

  • Track record of growing out of trauma, complexes, and ticks.

  • Is regularly consulted on how to form new habits and goals.

Why I am bothering:

  • I’ve always wanted to be a writer, in some form.

  • Creating a website is like creating your own world to populate.

  • I would like to think I have something to say.

  • It’s helping me find a voice in myself.

  • Because I fucking want to.