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A Bully


TL;DR: Paint the walls with your wounds. Maybe, then, you'll see the color of your rage for what it is: ugly and cacophonous.

  • Originally Written: 06-Sep-2021

  • Word Count: 155

  • Read Time: 1 minute


Bullies come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

A bully is not restricted to a particular race, creed, or way of life.

A bully is but a snapshot in time.

A frame of a photo of ourselves hurting ourselves.

For a bully is merely the outward expression of feeling hurt.

By hurting someone else.

Including yourself.

The silliest thing in the world is to drink poison and expect another to die.

So, too, is the anger we hold toward others when, truly, we are angry at ourselves.

Angry at ourselves for not knowing, not being, not having what we want.

Anger that is toxic to the person feeling it.

A poison to suckle on in hopes of impressing one's feelings on another.

Even if it's just a shred of their pain.

A bully will do it out of principle.

To cause pain for feeling pain.

In so doing, more pain.

More suffering.

Less healing.