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TL;DR: Turning over a new leaf doesn't make you a different plant, it just makes you better at taking in the light around you.

  • Originally Written: 23-Jan-2019

  • Word Count: 811

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Some of our cells, like our surface skin cells, turn over at a rapid and inconsequential rate in order to replace the dying skin that preceded it.

I think our skin is the perfect metaphor to the ideas we have that are the most frequent, self-reinforcing, protective, and durable of choices are the ones we most often make.

Our skin is what protects our bodies core functions and our most mindless, least energy consuming, of ideas that are turned over quickly replicate often.

Some of our ideas, though, turn over seasonally, annually, over long stretches, periodically, and sometimes almost never.

We continue to learn increasingly harder lessons in life the more problems of increasing context we choose to take on because we will always want something in our present moment of life, even if it is something as simple as to get a second to write a thought down.

If our expression, then, is borne of new ideas about ourselves that replicate some form of turnover in our older ways of thinking, then we stand to learn a lot about what things in life we have created friction for in order to have what we wanted in those moments.

The things we call attention to, spend our time doing, and respond to with criticism or care are each moments where we can see ourselves as the people we really are.

Every single moment of your life is a context worth evaluating to ask how or were being.

Mind you, there is something to be said about over analyzing.

An electron’s position and velocity cannot be measured at the same time and you cannot live your life and evaluate it at the same time.

Both are necessary if you want to feel if the direction you’ve chosen will take you to where you want to go. We must guess ourselves and then check ourselves in order to truly be mindful of ourselves.

Life is venturing out at sea and your direction the rudder.

The times where we leave our ships at port are those moments in which we dwell on knowing whether the direction we will go will yield the worlds of Bounty and Abundance to us. So, instead, we let them rust in the harbor and choose to tell, ourselves and others, tales of what could have been.

If only the wind were right. If only I had a compass for this situation, or a map.

If only the waters were safe. If only the path was clear and offered me peace in mind toward my goals.

Some ships are going to sink, it’s just a matter of probability and part of the risk that comes with being out at sea.

Explorers didn't have the luxury of knowing what was ahead of them, they just went.

So, too, must you if you are to find the context in life you're destined to achieve in one life or another.

If you ascribe to the theory of the multiverse, there are an infinite number of 'yous'.

In one of those universes you are living your best possible life, another being your worst.

The difference between your worst possible timeline and best possible timeline is directly correlated with your ability to resolve the wounds within your mind such that you can overcome the inertia that prevents all of us from setting sail immediately with our ideas in a stream-of-consciousness flow.

Imagine that. Life, but just flowing.

All the time.

The point of exploring isn't to find a new destination, but to find what one can find once one finds what they're looking for. For an explorer is never done exploring, for they are explorers.

If an explorer stops once they find a destination, they are no explorer, but a settler.

Settlers are those who rest on finding the first good thing that comes their way and focusing their efforts on creating stability for themselves.

In life, everyone settles in one form or another. Or maybe more.

If you settle for everything in life, do you ever truly aspire for anything?

If you aspire for everything in life, are you ever truly happy with where you're at?

Yes and yes. No and no.

If you settle for everything, you are aspiring for peace in mind but also won't challenge others if it means getting what you want.

If you aspire for everything, you are settling for turbulent tides of the mind, but also manage to obtain the glory of saying you got what you set out to do.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Some ships must leave the harbor, it's only a matter of recourse as we wait in indecision.

Not making a choice is making a choice.

However, will those ships go willingly into the night?

Or will they wait for a better day.

Or another day.

One day.