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  • Originally Written: 02-Sep-2020

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It's one thing to swing your sword and it is another thing to wield it as one would a water hose.

Which is to say, water them plants. We are all responsible for the plants we grow in the gardens of our minds.

If your mind is filled with weeds and you do nothing about it, then of course you're going to have a shitty garden to look at.

That is what you see of life when you sit on the porch of your mind's home and look out upon the cul-de-sac of society around you.

Life surely must look shitty when you see the weeds in front of you that obstruct your path to connection with others.

It doesn't make life any better by remarking at the shit. Not even once.

What makes life better is by actually doing something about it.

Pull them weeds up. Till the land a bit. Then, hope for a better tomorrow.

That's all you can do. That is all that is in your control. You, your mind, your thoughts, your feelings.

If you don't do something to combat your own natural tendencies, then the garden of your mind will overflow with thorns.

Piling manure over top of it does nothing to the shit but make it shittier.

You need to uproot your problems from their source.

That is the only way.