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Where We Lose Focus


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  • Originally Written: 22-Apr-2019

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I will never remember what I originally sat down to right this to be and that perhaps is the funniest thing to me.

I don’t remember what it was anymore but for now the answer is “it’s seeing where you’re going”.

Case in point, it would seem I distracted myself with food just long enough to forget what could have been the best point of this book.

I digress, but am also making a point here.

We lose focus of our goals just as a matter of attention and therefore doesn’t put us at fault for not staying consistent with them if we don’t have enough of life’s road signs reminding us where we wanted to go.

We get distracted. All the time.

I got distracted coming over here to write down whatever I was going to say about why people lose their focus and got distracted halfway through writing this sentence.