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In the Cracks


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  • Originally Written: 22-Sep-2020

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The cracks in my hardwood flooring have cracks.

I see them constantly.

Day after day after day.


Because I’m regularly doing push-ups on this flooring to get my workout done for the day.

Constantly on the grind, but with enough time to catch the cracks in the flooring.

The details are what matter though, at least when you’re up close to it.

If you’re going to be doing pushups on a daily basis, you might as well start getting curious about what you’re looking at each time you return to the dreaded position. At least that’s my perspective on the matter.

Regardless. We continue breathing and perform our next repetition.

If you’re not trying to embrace your next steps after a moment of upset, then you are not striving, you are merely surviving.

Warriors are not just people who fight to defend their own lives, they strive to defend those of others.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we need to get over ourselves quickly if we are to rebound effectively and with grace.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from rewatching Rupaul’s Drag Race seasons non-stop during this quarantine is that I am not about wallowing in self pity when I get a bad critique from who I am aspiring to get approval from.

Take feedback for what it’s worth. Meaningful data. Feedback is how you crystallize new changes in your behavior. If you let it.

Feedback must be viewed in the context of Marie Kondo, some of it will bring us joy that we want to hold onto while some of it, we will eagerly want to pass on to someone else if we could hold them to it.

When you give it your all and things still come up short, what you get is meaningful truth.

Truth that sets you free!

Free to choose what your next choice is!

Because that’s all we ever do as humans is make choices. Choices are what we paint with in life to create with.

So when you get back on the floor again to do another pushup. When you are trying to get back into that gym routine. When you are trying to course correct on some bad habits. When you are looking to enhance your greatest talents, what you are doing is making choices.

One rep, one breath, one day at a time. We make it through life with our choices.

The best choices are the ones that will reward us with some kind of feeling we desire in return.

When we make choices that are in alignment with the ways we want to feel, then we are serving to make ourselves better, healthier, safe, connected, and expressive. We are serving the end of producing a better ‘me’ with each passing day and feeling great about what we’re trying to produce, which are effective actions to sustain us between now and tomorrow. Or when we have to get off the couch next.