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When Conditions Are Right


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Originally Written: 05-Jul-2021

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In order for a seed to sprout into a sapling, several things must occur or be present.

There must be water, rich soil, ample time, temperature, and pressure on the seed.

Only then, will conditions be right for growth.


Consider the mind and the ideas we plant for ourselves that never seem to work out.

Did you give it the right time, attention, and inputs?

What I'm saying is, did you consider the conditions fostering those ideas at the time and whether they may have had an impact?

If so, you may have mistaken your future garden of hope as a sandbox of dread.

I find I am never ready to write at times I choose, but at times that choose me.

Are these creative moments of inspiration, or are they just the culmination of when my mind has been treated just well enough?

Well enough to find some space.

Space for itself to think.

Think and grow.