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  • Originally Written: 28-Mar-2020

  • Word Count: 212 / 0.7 minutes


Ever live into the idea of getting a job you were applying and interviewing for so much so that you already upgraded your living situation to anticipate it?

There’s the problem. Anticipation.

Anticipation of what is to come next is always what drives us up in the morning.

Anticipation is what drives us into action when we are making moves to protect ourselves.

But if there’s nothing left to protect, what is there to anticipate?

I find nothing.

When I have nothing left within me, I am cold steel.

When the light has left me, I am empty.

I keep losing out on life because I keep anticipating it more than I am living it.

I keep losing out on love because I keep wanting it more than I am giving it.

Life can’t wait for you to decide to apply yourself. You either are or you’re not.

It’s not going to let you take your turn when everyone else out there gets one.

Chance isn’t even a factor to consider when it comes to matters of application.

100% of matters attempted will not be matters succeeded, but

100 % of matters succeeded will be the cause of an attempt.

Focus on right now, even if it hurts.

“Best of luck in life.”