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TL;DR: no homo.

  • Originally Written: 17-Apr-2021

  • Word Count: 187 / 0.6 minutes


When I went to Burning Man for the first time in 2017, a lot of firsts happened.

This essay is about the first time a straight man held my hand.

Acid is one hell of a trip.


What’s most powerful about lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD, is its ability to tell the ego to take several seats while the scales you hold up to life, to others, and yourself dissolve.

What are scales?

Scales are human inventions we make comparisons with in order to gauge 1-dimensional differences among phenomena.

Getting too abstract?

The most common scale is that used for measuring mass.

There are also scales for measuring height, temperature, and other quantifiable data.

There are also scales for sussing out difficulty, approach, and manliness, as an example.

Manliness is one such scale that seems to be crippling the sex of its own ability to self-express.

Did you know that holding a gay man’s hand doesn’t make you gay?

Guess you’ll never know until you try.

Did you know that holding anyone’s hand can make you feel better if you're needing connection?

Guess you’ll never know until you try.

But, of course. Don’t make it gay.

No homo.