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  • Originally Written: 01-Jan-2020

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Context is a territory to explore in which we build the palaces our memories are built up into and the waterways that irrigate our memories. Missing out on an enabling perspective is like a city unaware of a large source of freshwater just around the bend but they settled on a pond we have to filter to drink from for the rest of our lives because it was easiest to find and settling on instead of wondering if there was more for themselves. This isn’t a matter of selfishness, but of curiosity. At some point in our lives we accumulate enough confidence in the perspectives we validate through our experiences and we make the decision that our perspective on a matter is cemented no matter the context being applied to the situation because whatever context we have is somehow more than what we can be swayed by. There are many contexts people think through in their lives where they do not have to or will create an experience where being challenged is something to avoid and experiences granting comfort grow in propensity as we invest our time into seeking them out.

Context is not measurable, it is how we measure. It is frame we pass our thoughts through. If y is a function of x then context is a skewing factor.

While navigating life we sometimes view what is best for us as what is easier to find, at risk of getting lost. In our search to gain acceptance by our peers, we inevitably start following the shiny lights others are following so we can relate with each other by the things we do instead of the people we are.

Context is Everywhere

Context is why we pledge ourselves to our allies and craft rivalries of significant magnitude and disproportion and is what we are talking about when we are trying to talk about why they matter.

Context is how someone’s definition of a piece of shit can act like they have not a fuck to give. Context is how someone defines what a piece of shit. Context is what defines people who look for shitty people around them. See the layers there? Context is everywhere.

Context is found where we look, not in what is brought to us. What is brought to us is content. Content does not provide context, but there is context to the content you can experience.

It has been my experience that Millennials have lived a lives that taught us way more about the value of content over the meaning of context, when context has always been right in front of us, but instead content was thrown at our faces to tell us what we should be looking at. Should only exists in the mind of the person who is trying to control you. Anyone telling you what you ‘should’ do is someone trying to harness your abilities and use them for the purposes they would use them for if they could.

We find ourselves asking, I find myself asking, on a regular basis what I should be doing and the answer always wants to come from the outside when deep down I know every time it is supposed to come from within. When you are asking yourself what you should be doing it means you are thinking in relation to something or someone else and not in relation to your own compass.

It is my hope to help people understand they already have a functioning compass to work with, they already have a meaningful perspective, they have a sword worth wielding, but they need to put it to the test in order for our perspective of what is achievable to change instead of constantly living our lives in the theoretical and actually experiencing it. I want people to feel the value of enjoying their own accomplishments instead of hoping to feel the brushings of it through association with others who are living lives they wish they could be living.

The unique perspective I take in life is one that entails seeking out everyone’s perspective, because it is only through the context of someone’s life that you are correct or not in their mind’s eye. What I think is available to all of us is the power and choice to understand where people are coming from in life. What I do not enjoy seeing is how people seemingly resign to live in a world that will only shrink as they burn bridges to preserve opinions, hold high their sense of pride in the name of self-protectionism, and putting devout faith into the best told story over the cold, hard truth.

It is my opinion that it is the truth that matters more than my own opinions. The truth matters more than anything, as what is right is really how we are choosing to define our understanding of the moment. Every moment happens whether or not we view them as correct or incorrect and, again, all we can really focus on is making understanding from the context instead of looking for answers in the content.

What I have to say in this book matters far less than the thoughts you allow in response to what you read. What I have to say is a framework, a sandbox to play in, but it is up to if you want to get dirty and build a sandcastle with it or passively draw patterns into the sand. The point about context is that you find some context to care about both in life and through this book.

Find an issue in your life that you would like to make a matter of focus and bring it to attention so that the content of this book can be more ingrained into your understanding of the context you are working with. Application is how a band-aid sticks and is how a concept lands in your mind as a foundation to build upon. Applying yourself to your life instead of reading the box instructions at all the things you can do is what I want to be a lesson from this book and if you do not apply your life to these concepts then you will not change how you are applying yourself to your life.

Life is literally a function of what you put into it, so if you stand to gain any value from the words you read, put yourself at attention and be prepared to throw your effort into something you stand to gain everything from, which is everything you’ve wanted for yourself and others.