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TL;DR: Do you know what you don't?

  • Originally Written: 07-Aug-2021

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Perhaps the hardest thing to accept at times is when we are wrong.

It is even harder to accept we might be wrong in a situation where we may not know everything.

In fact, we never know everything.

Everything is every thing.


Every thing is everything.


The meaning we ascribe to a situation or matter is up to us, including judgment of right or wrong.

More often than not, we accept we are right.

Less often than than at all, we proudly display our failures as we would our accomplishments.


Because we are obsessed with success.

But, not only success. Easy success.

There's no such thing as easy success.

Being successful in overcoming something is to be hard by nature and, if not, is a soft statement.

Acts become soft statements and metaphors.

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Nothing good comes easy.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

We use such statements to act like they are keen insights into our worlds and the trials of our inner workings, but they're not.

They're recycled garbage that we've been taught to chew on when things get tough.

But that isn't enough.

Sometimes we need more if we are going to be buckling in and putting our heads down to a task.

Motivation is one thing, but investing in yourself is another.

Anyone can down a gallon of coffee and get straight to it.

But not everyone can stand back and look at a problem long enough to see it for what it is:

A manifestation of the mind.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Say no more.

For you are blessed.