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An Agonist


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  • Originally Written: 20-Jan-2019

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Context shapes




Your story


Context Shapes You meaning that it creates the underpinnings of your destiny and if you try to run from parts of it then you are not yet living into your true destiny and living a life that feels fragmented and incomplete. (Healing from your context).


Your context does NOT shape others, it begets others into your story to validate your travels instead of helping them learn something for their own battles.


I am more fascinated by people than view them as something to get close with.

Your context can be used to spurn up the makings of a fire if you allow yourself to put your thoughts into a place where you can evaluate them and work with them.

Writing is one such way. Everything in this section was written at some point by myself to myself as one of many elements to a foundation that is supporting me through the passion of writing a book. We all need to nail down reminders to ourselves on what is truly important to ourselves in our life so that our perspectives of what we want are not weathered like a seaside cliff over time.