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  • Originally Written: 04-Sep-2020

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Continually drawing happiness and comfort from the same wells of validation over time can cause it to run dry with just sips of serotonin for you to enjoy. Just as someone using too much of a drug develops tolerance to the effects of using it, so too can we lose meaning from what we do if we spend too much time doing and not balancing it with what you can explore in life. Finding distance even from our own passions creates an elastic effect as you come sprinting back to the contexts in life you gravitate toward when you are set free to explore them once more.

A father spending time with his son and learning to give a consistent message as his wife in the context of raising their child has an understanding of what having a single voice of a department is communicating to the rest of a business.

A writer trying to come up with something to say has a lot more to write about after they’ve come back from a run than after getting through the previous 10 pages.

A hard level on a video game is more bearable to replay after you’ve given it a rest and come back and beat.

You won’t find passion in what you are doing if you do not balance your hard work with the right context that lets you feel your hard work is meaningful.

The point of putting your head down to do the work is so you can reap the benefits, it’s the most basic transaction of life: acting on the needs you have established for yourself as minimal for survival and then exploring the abundance and gifts life has to offer you when you’ve come home from earning another day of meaning for yourself.

Finding and creating comfort is like the waters of the Nile river flooding its plains with nutrient-rich soil.