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TL;DR: This is what happens when you give a generous wordcount limit. Taken from the Scruff app.

  • Originally Written: 01-Oct-2020

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What I do.

Innovate, improve, adapt, expand, create, wonder, explore, reach, obtain, hope, give, share, and love.

It is easier to act your way into a different form of thinking than it is think your way into a different form of acting.

Identity is a mask we wear. I spend much of my time trying to learn more about the one I wear that protects me and cultivating the strength to take it off from time-to-time to show myself as the compassionate human I am.

I am human, I make my fair share of mistakes, but that doesnt prevent me from learning so I can at least make different or better ones in the future.

People deserve more patience, but that doesn't mean I have all the time in the world for everyone who wants it. Priorities are what I have and I will act in accordance to them.

Given that, I try to consider how I'm impacting others as best I can, but I need the same grace extended to me when I myself fail to represent my best intentions in life.

Say what you do and do what you say. In life, yu get what you measure and you measure what you get. Focusing on too many key performance indicators is the first step in depleting yourself, while focusing on the wrong ones will bring you sub-optimal results.

Integrity is important to me. Self-effacement is a thing everyone can benefit from, but too much of anything is poisonous. You can only do what you can, so do what brings you joy.

The point of life is the maximize on all the feels you want to feel. At least for me. Everyone is entitled to feel the ways they want to feel, but not if it's at the expense of others' advancement in life.

Judging is stupid. Do not yuck my yum, do not judge what I like, so I may feel the ways I want to feel and you may for you yourself. Elevate others so they may elevate you.

The crab effect is real. If you yourself feel disempowered toward your goals or deficient to the cause of being who you want to be, tearing others down will only magnify the feelings you are trying to avoid.

This community is already made to feel 'other' enough, the last thing we need to be doing to each other is making it harder to feel like we matter and belong right where we are.

If someone's perspective clashes with yours, note it as unique and worthy of consideration. If you want to feel your perspective matters and has value, what you need is perspective on how you value the ones offered by others.

Feedback is a gift. It takes strength to give it and humble grace to accept it. Mirrors are what we are to each other and the ones who matter in your life are those willing to persist in getting you to see what is seen so plainly by others.

Reflection is how we see ourselves for our intentions, which can be misguided at times. Deflection is how we ignore how we're being in order to get what we want, which is to feel comfortable with our sense of self.

The ego can only handle so much, but do not let it get its way and force you to live a life on autopilot that causes you to miss out on the things you want most.

Life is shorter. Shorter now than it was when you started reading this diatribe. Do your part to walk back from your own pain so you can be the kind, caring human you are capable of being to both yourself and others.

We all have a reason for being here. Find yours and hold onto it like it matters.

For it does.

What I'm looking for.

Interesting times with interesting people.

If you take interest in the thoughts and ideas of others, they will take an interest in yours.

Attention is nice, but you yield your power to that which you invest your time into doing or thinking about.

I'm interested in what shifts my thoughts toward what creates meaningful context in my life over what content I can consume to bring me the feelings of comfort I so often find myself stuck inside of when I'm feeling down.

People who act as lighthouses for others, ilke ships passing in the night, are who inspire me.

Situations where my pre-conceived notions about a matter are challenged give me the greatest thoughts to chew on when I'm cultivating mindful intentions around them.

James Baldwin put it best when he referred to the sensation of meaningless encounters, which is to say it yields contact but creates no connection.

Connections are what interest me most, for they are what give me permission to feel like I am part of this cosmic petri dish of wonder and hope. Forging these are difficult, maintaining them even more so.

I can't promise to maintain all connections I forge, but I can promise to be myself in ways that allow them to happen in the first place.

Whether we have a chance encounter or become life-long friends, it is my sincerest hope to leave others in a better state than how I found them.

Compassion is a gift I give freely without expectation but, if you feel touched by my perspective or attracted by what I put out, then consider passing that gift along to someone else.

The way we impact each other can be just as volatile and widespread as a pandemic. If recent times have taught us anything, it is the power the littlest of things can have over our way of life.

Be the cause in the matter of spreading love and joy.

Eventually someone will infect you with theirs and you will be consumed with the feeling of being an integral part of something greater than yourself.

What interests me.

People who have their shit together, but know how to cut loose every now and then.

Bottom here with an aversion to topping. I have a preference and I'm not going to be shamed for it. Yes I top from time-to-time, but you'll be lucky if I do because it means we have a connection I feel safe enough to express that part of myself within.

This is a venue for discussing sexual interests and, therefore, I will do just that.

I try to be as respectful as I can. If you feel I may have deviated from that commitment, I'd invite you to be generous and yet kind with your feedback.

I like to have fun and feel sexy, but I also have feelings too. Please do not idealize me for my features. It only perpetuates what we are working to dismantle.

I am not perfect, but have my complexes around being enough, just like everyone else.

I am also not just a piece of meat, even if that's how I treat myself from time to time.

My body is a temple first and a playground second.

I will actively protect what I have over letting someone trample and disrespect whwo I am, what I like, or what I find I do not.

We are all the same, so let's act like it.

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

The block feature is there for you at any time, empower yourself to use it if it means preventing yourself from spreading hate.

Evil is fought one choice at a time.