Context is...
A Foundation


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  • Originally Written: 13-Jan-2019

  • Word Count: 275 / 1 minute


One cannot hope to build a sturdy fortress if they do not know the land on which they are building.

Context is the very foundation to all of our decision-making and no matter how hard we try, we are not thinking outside of it.

Context is what we bring to the table when we talk about who we want to be, what we want for ourselves, and what we’re trying to do in this world. It can never be taken from us.

Context is where we get our opinion from when you have arrived to a matter with a perspective to contribute.

It contributes to the world in a way that is unique and different by bringing with it something warmer than the hard lines of logic.

Context is what gives our lives any meaning at all.

Refusing to acknowledge, accept, and live with the contexts with which we have been given and go through will inevitably lead us to our demises.

Context is the incubator for which passion grows. It is where our creativity stirs, even if we don’t think you have it, as it is where your ego drums up your most heroic tales and the worst of tragedies.

Context is your reason to make a sword for battle. If nothing calls you to action, if you do not swear your allegiance to anyone, including yourself, then you fight for no one and therefore have no cause.

This book is attempting to explain not only why context is important, but also what the struggle of humanity in the 21st century is going to have to be, which is to understand.