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A Fly on the Wall


TL;DR: Motivation has nothing to do with results, doing something does.

  • Originally Written: 16-Apr-2021

  • Word Count: 182

  • Read Time: 0.6 minutes


As I bemoan the fact that I just let a fly from my grasp after just snatching it, I cannot help but boast at what is now my latest invigorated effort in presenting the material I have been working on since early 2019.

What has started off as what was one potential book idea has morphed into three book ideas has morphed into a blog has morphed into what is now an open source book where I share and update my ideas while they remain published for others to observe, free of charge.

The overall intent is to craft these essays into some semblance of a book, but I cannot help but note the very meta of this essay.

I am celebrating having written a book I have yet to publish before I have even written it.

How Millennial.

But I’m impatient as fuck and it isn’t unlike an obsessive personality to overshare.

So here we are.

Whether the only viewer of this process is myself at times, other times it is not.

And that’s all that matters.

Keep going.