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Reading a Book

10% Happier

Author: Dan Harris

Review: Dan provides his perspective on how meditation helped his life after experiencing a meltdown on live television. He provides revelations learned as a result of meditating and discusses frustrating aspects of meditation we all get confronted with and how he dealt with them. Excellent for those who are new or skeptical to meditation.


Digital Minimalism

Author: Cal Newport

Review: A page turning book that will have you considering ways to minimize your use of social media and screens in general. Gives a great overview of the impact we have had on ourselves and how to change it.


The Responsibility Process

Author: Christopher Avery

Review: A book that helps put your perspective on your metacognition, awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. It does so by providing a structure by which to funnel your problems through a process, the author claims, everyone goes through in sequence. After awareness of a problem, we externally blame and justify, then we internally shame and oblige to act in certain ways as a result.

All four of these steps have to do with shifting responsibility, but not being it. The Responsibility Process helps the reader understand what responsibility means in the context of problems they apply to the book and whether they are on the right side of some of their issues. Definitely worth a re-read when you’re dealing with a new set of life issues to confront.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Author: Mark Manson

Review: A humorous and yet pointed take on why life is too short to be giving a fuck about anything more than what you truly care about. The author gives his take on his own experiences and how he grew out of his own problems while giving advice on things he picked up along the way.