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Being Indelible


TL;DR: We do not always show ourselves as in pain when we feel it. But it shows, and it leaves a mark. Your mark.

  • Originally Written: 20-Dec-2020

  • Word Count: 145

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I did not first learn what indelible meant until I was attending a new hire training program in the pharmaceutical industry.

Indelible: making marks that cannot be removed.

The reason something like this would be necessary is to prove, through years of time, the assurance of quality put into products produced.

It is important to be able to leave marks that cannot be erased.

It is what we as humans entreat when our minds have us yearning for legacies we cannot reasonably uphold.

Perhaps it's too much to live up to the patriarchy today, time to buck the trend for something better.

A social media post will have to suffice for another battle fought with an enemy, unseen.

Never mind the matter. Who is to say what is?

What matters is.

I'm content.